Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Last one Dont watch unless you absolutely feel you appetite to!!!

Last one Dont watch unless you absolutely feel you appetite to!!! Video Clips. Duration : 0.50 Mins.

Im sorry im like that in this video (more on that later) Ok last of my crappy working on stuff videos I hope you can hear what im going for and appreciate watching me learn and develop my technics. Not worht watching unless your truely interested in hearing/seeing me as I learn....very not a great or perfect video!!! very not!! hear what im going for not where I fall short :) Sorry im shirtless and in my boxers....I seriously didnt notice till a few minutes ago...I thought maybe I shoulding put it up here but....whatever If it thrills you awesome...to everyone else im sorry....I just didnt want to not put this video up just because of that....But ya...god sorry...No one wants to see that...or maybe they do...lol let me know! thanx everyone Micah ps: be sure to watch over and over to see if my junk falls out....it might....be sure to watch closely....over and over you might see it ;) pps: THIS IS A JOKE...THERE IS SO ADULT CONTENT IN THIS VIDEO...SERIOUSLY....I JUST WANT TO BE HONEST WITH PEOPLE...AT NO POINT WILL YOU SEE PACKAGE...SORRY....MAYBE SOMEDAY? ppps: I figured if I was going to put this up here I was going to have fun with it...dont hold it against me...unless it truely pisses you off...if so I am sorry. ppppps: Do I talk to much?

Keywords: guitar, micah, vancouver, shred, tap, tapping, punk, jazz, tattoo

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